Breadboard (Full Size) 840 Tie Points

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Product Information:

Circuit Uncle is the place of choice to buy 840 Tie points full-sized breadboard online in India.

  • 840 holes (Tie Points), Spacing: 0.1 in (2.54 mm)
  • Rows are connected in sets of five
  • Middle divider separates the board
  • 175mm X 67mm in total breadboard area
  • Can be Hinged to Another board Side by Side.
  • White color.

A breadboard is a valuable asset for trying multiple circuit designs on the go. Whether you hail from an Indian industry or an Indian university student, you first try your idea on a breadboard. This 840 tie points (holes) full-size breadboard is solderless, i.e., no soldering is required to make connections between components. 840 Tie points are enough to hold multiple circuit components which makes up a prototype electronic circuit. You can also connect the DIP (Dual inline) packaged components with ease in the middle of this 840 Tie point breadboard.

The holes in the Breadboard allow transistors, diodes, LEDs, resistors, capacitors and virtually all types of components having terminals to fit in. This breadboard is jumper friendly too and can be joined/hinged together side by side to support a larger circuit. To make your circuit firm on a surface the breadboard is pasted with an adhesive sheet on the backside.

Do you know that decades ago if someone has to build a prototype circuit with all available electronic circuit component, he has to use a technique known as wire-wrap! This makes the size of the circuit bulky and rather complicated.

Also why this prototyping board is known as breadboard? Because in old times the electronics components were bulky and an electronics engineer preferred prototyping board was his/her mom’s wooden bread-board, in which one has to use nails to fix up the components. Thus, the invention of the breadboard have saved us a lot of time and electronics components from being wasted since we have to solder them otherwise! In modern time, this invention – the Breadboard has come to India!